eBest IoT presents revolutionary new IOT products and business intelligence solutions to bridge the gap between hardware and software by connecting products to cloud and internet. eBest IoT was formed as a result of partnership between founders of Insigma Inc and eBest Mobile to create a dedicated development platform for IOT products. The company leverages the vast application development experience of Insigma Inc. and the tried and tested mobile led retail execution solutions of eBest Mobile.

eBest IoT is purely about the internet of things, everywhere. The unique combination of hardware and software provides a cloud connected platform for different products like Smart Beacons, Smart Sensors, GPS Tracking Modules and Smart Gateways from which data streams out to the cloud. The easy setup and ready availability of data on the cloud is a powerful means to support business logic without having to worry about the mechanics of how you pull data from hardware.

Our expertise in Internet of Things and Process Re-engineering bridges the gap between your business and information technology goals. eBest IoT has developed connected smart product suite that can be customized for different industries which consist of Sensors, Connectivity Solution and an Integrated Cloud Connected Platform for managing all these devices.


With offices in US, India and China, eBest IoT is a global leader in retail IOT solutions with its proprietary technology which simplifies retail environment for the stakeholders. As a technology company we believe in On-Demand Innovation to provide a decisive competitive advantage to our customer in the increasingly cut-throat business environment. Throughout our journey we have attained a reputation for providing tactical solutions for pressing challenges across industries. Our enhanced delivery model is supported by revolutionary products which range from included Business and Systems Analysis solutions to top of the line IOT systems. Since its inception eBest IoT has built an impressive portfolio of patented technologies which have resulted in propelling us into the league of the most promising technology companies out there. eBest IoT today boasts of a number of Fortune 500 companies in its client list which is continuously expanding as we aggressively deliver cost effective solutions and tap new potentials in technology.

For us at eBest IoT our customers have been our biggest strength as well as contributing partners in our success story. Together we create solutions which aim to improve business performance and drive sustainable growth as well as achieve technology objectives. We at eBest IoT believe that innovation and disruptive solutions are crucial for a future perfect business performance and therefore we strive to deliver futuristic out-of-the-box solutions to our clients.

As technology proliferated into always-on and real-time we have expanded our thoughts and ideas to sync with new possibilities with cloud based platforms and sensor systems. Therefore, eBest IoT has developed some of the most advanced solutions which promise to break down traditional barriers of connectivity and provide new ways in client and customer interaction.

With partnerships with some of the leading companies in the technology space, eBest IoT is redefining the boundaries of innovation by creating a smarter interconnected world.


Karan Bakshi - CEO and Co-Founder

Karan Bakshi is the CEO of eBest IoT. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt having over 13 years of experience in process optimization, business analysis, system analysis and data analysis. For the last 7 years, he has been an entrepreneur starting Insigma Inc. He enjoys a BS in Mathematical Science for University of Delhi, India, and MS in Computer Science from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign and State University of new York. He has consulted for various fortune 500 companies as in the capacity of a Project Manager, Lead Business Analysis, Quality Assurance Manager and Data Warehouse Architect. He has domain expertise in Manufacturing, HR, Financial Accounting, Payroll, Mortgage Accounting and Credit management.