Creating an autonomous system of reporting which actually optimizes resources and delivers huge value to the businesses.

Benefits to the seller

It's a fundamental shift for the sellers as to how they apply technology and how it becomes a revolutionary enable for them.

Benefits to the retailer

The retailer doesn’t have to worry about low stocks and ordering as the Cooler automatically does that.

Benefits to the consumer

Wearable technology and smart clothing along with smartphones is the new way of communication between consumers and brands directly.

Latest Technology

Cooler X is basically an advanced network of ground breaking technologies working together inside the cooler as well as outside it. It uses the latest sensors, cameras and connecters to sync real time information over the cloud.

Asset Management

We understood that the cooler is an important asset to the company and it needs to be constantly tracked round the clock in order to avoid theft or misuse. Cooler X provides of virtual cooler insurance on the go, safeguarding the better interests of your company.

User Friendly

The whole gamut of Cooler X ecosystem is designed to be used in real time with instant results. Therefore we have some of the smartest technologies and intuitive interfaces to make your life easier when it comes to managing your sales channels.

Retro-fit in Old Coolers

This app also has an integrated reward program for the customer for customer engagement. Using the application customer can order food from the lounges where the coke coolers are installed and play music from the phone using the jukebox feature. Additionally, customer can also give feedback about the outlet. He can also book tables for the outlets where coke coolers are installed.

Intelligent Analysis

Built for Big Data with advanced algorithms to provide you with the most accurate and intelligent preview of your inventory. Cooler X provides extremely accurate and relevant representation of data in a cohesive and analytical format through its business intelligence systems.

Consumer Engagement

Cooler X is more than intelligent monitoring; it encapsulates the idea of engaging the customer in real time as the sale happens. Therefore, we have given it an intuitive screen which can display relevant information and push marketing strategies directly to the consumer.