On Shelf Availability

No more manual stock taking and expensive store visits

For us at eBest IoT a retail shelf or a cooler is a not just any ordinary asset of the manufacturer, it is the platform to re-write the competitive rules. In this endeavor to transform the ordinary cooler into smart, self-thinking, future ready and sales augmented assets we present our On Shelf Availability solution.

The biggest challenge of the manufacture is to monitor its cooling assets, whether they are branded coolers or shelf spaces in a supermarket, monitoring stock in these assets has traditionally been a manual job. eBest IoT with its On Shelf Availability solutions makes these coolers take stock related information automatically and send to the manufactures sales office.


No Manual Effort

The is absolutely no manual effort needed to track sales when you are using On Shelf Avaiilability solutions.

Out of Stock Issues

Automatically report OOS situations and generates orders.

Track Sales

it helps track sales based on pricing and packaging.

Smart Analytics

The data is sent to the cloud based analytics engine which transforms it into relevant sales information and charts.



Retrofitted devices are attached to the ordinary cooler or shelf. These extremely small yet efficient devices are also suited for coolers and can be mounted on shelfs with railing and shelfs without railings.


The sensors are activated as soon as the product is removed from the shelf and report the sale real time.

Daisy Chain

The sensors measures the distance from the product by sensing proximity of the product from the sensor itself. The sensor synchronizes with other sensors for real time stock taking without duplication.


Asset Management

The sensors work 24/7 and report real time sales therefore any abnormality in cyclical trend can be noticed. A sales representative visit can be arranged to check out the problem.

Stock Management

Low stocks or OOS are automatically report and an order can be generated without any manual involvement.

Incidence Reporting

The sensor detects a different product and therefore raises an alarm on its own.