LoRa Gateway

The Smartest Bi-Directional Communication Device

LoRa Gateway is one of its kind low-power, wide-area networks which is specifically developed to support the requirements of billions of IOT devices which will power everything from retail to robots. It packs in it the long range capabilities of LoRa® which can transmit over a 7 mile radius from the base station.

The eBest LoRaWAN is re-engineered to pack more data, battery, capacity while keeping the cost very low. In addition to that a multi-functional capability and ability to send small packets of data over long distances at pre-determined intervals without consuming much battery is what sets it apart from traditional networks like WiFi and GSM.

The LoRa Gateway is your device for bi-directional communication, mobility and customization.

Key Features

  • - Bluetooth LE Beacon
  • - Non-Volatile Storage
  • - WiFi
  • - Cellular Backhaul (GSM and CDMA)
  • - Battery Backup