Smart Core

Play with Data from Multiple Devices

Smart Core is the device you need to manage data from multiple source devices in an IOT environment. It is one multi-functional, intuitive and intelligent device that not just manages data but also handles all communication and interfaces with the cloud platform.

This AC powered device is at center of the wireless world of IOT and acts as the transmission center for a whole array of multi-sensory IOT devices. It is a GSM enabled IOT Gateway that connects BLE base IOT edge devices to the cloud by acting as a near real time communications bridge.

SmartCore can connect to backhaul using Wifi. Core is generally used in an environment where multiple sensor devices need to be connected to a single iot gateway (core) and data upload can happen from a single device.

It allows multiple devices irrespective of sensory data type to be deployed to the same Smart Core machine. Ideal for warehouses and retail outlets, Smart Core is a device from the future for the future of your business.

Key Features

  • - IOT Gateway BLE Central
  • - BLE Beacon
  • - PS (GPRS, 3G), WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 and Ethernet connectivity
  • - Media Player (Smart Jukebox/ Smart Digital signage) functionality with 1080P Video Output and high definition audio output.
  • - Proximity based local communication, control and firmware updates.
  • - Non-Volatile Storage