Smart Energy Meter

The Smartest Way to Monitor Energy

Smart Energy Meters are the future of energy saving and control when it comes to your coolers. Supported by BLE and iBeacon the EMS comes along with multiple connectivity options in WiFi, 2G, 3G, LTE and LoRa. Add to this GPS based asset tracking, contactless tracking and LoRa based Geo Location and you have the smartest IOT package you wanted. These devices boast of a battery life of upto 1 year in warehouse mode and 2 months in tracking mode.

With the eBest Smart Energy Meters you can control temperature, defrost remotely, control fan and do a host of other things to save on energy and increase life span of your appliance.

The eBest range of Smart Energy Meters feature dual microcontrollers to ensure longer product life. It features intelligent defrost which automatically defrosts when required based on rule based temperature settings.

Key Features

  • - Bluetooth LE Beacon
  • - Contactless Asset Tracking
  • - Remote and Scheduled Cooler Power Control
  • - Cooler Power On/Off Event times
  • - Cooler Energy Metering