Smart Hub

Your Interface with the Cloud

SmartHub is an AC powered device that collects and manages data from wireless and wired sensors, handles communications functions, and interfaces with the backend cloud platform. The device is a GSM enabled IOT gateway that connects BLE based IOT edge devices to the cloud by acting as a near real time communication bridge. Hub can connect to the backhaul using GSM and CDMA.

Key Features

  • Contactless asset tracking and asset inventory
  • Proximity based local communication, control and firmware updates.
  • IOT Gateway BLE Central
  • BLE Beacon
  • Environmental Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Indoor Cooler Movement Tracking
  • Non-Volatile Storage
  • Cellular Backhaul GSM or CDMA
  • GPS Based Location Tracking
  • Battery Backup
  • Ultra low power consumption with several weeks of battery backup on a single charge