Smart Tag Lora

Power of SmartTag, Performance of LoRa

Smart Tag LoRa is a battery powered wireless sensor device which can be used to monitor monitors CDE’s Temperature, Light, door open/close, and Movement and retains these in its internal memory for later retrieval. Powered by the incredibly long range LoRa networks these are highly advanced devices that can pick signals from the base station upto 7 miles away. Any BLE/ iBeacon enabled mobile application can detect all Smart Tag enabled CDE’s in a 50 feet radius. The Smart Hub, Smart Core or Virtual Hub can collect this data on proximity and upload to our cloud platform for processing.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth LE Beacon
  • Contactless Asset Tracking
  • 5+ Year Battery Life
  • Peel and Stick
  • Easy to Retrofit
  • Cooler Health: Captures cooler temperature and light
  • Cooler Usage (Door open/close events)
  • Indoor Cooler Movement Tracking
  • Non-Volatile Storage
  • Enabled with LoRa Radio
  • Optional GPS