Smart Tag

Monitor Events Like Never Before

Smart Tag is a battery powered Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled wireless sensor device. The Smart Tag monitors Cold Drink Equipment (CDE) Temperature, Light, door open/close, and Movement and retains these in its internal memory for later retrieval. SmartTag is easy to install in a cooler and can be installed in less than 5 minutes. Any BLE/ iBeacon enabled mobile application can detect all Smart Tag enabled CDE’s in a 50 feet radius. The Smart Hub, Smart Core or Virtual Hub can collect this data on proximity and upload to our cloud platform for processing.

Key Features

  • - Contactless asset tracking and asset inventory
  • - Proximity based local communication, control and firmware updates.
  • - Communication over BLE (Bluetooth 4.1)
  • - iBeacon/ BLE/ Eddystone driven consumer engagement and proximity solutions
  • - Temperature, light, door open/close and movement sensing.
  • - Optional indoor movement detection using accelerometer
  • - 5+ Year Battery Life