Smart Vision

The Most Powerful Camera based IOT Device

SmartVision can be configured when or on which events pictures are to be taken. Pictures are compressed for transmission and finally processed in the backend. Image Analysis technology incorporated in the Smart Cooler platform converts the cooler pictures into valuable analytical data. Image analysis technology identifies each product visible in the image and segments the information to provide detailed planogram analysis. This information includes SKU identification at each individual position on each shelf. Hence this information can be used to identify Cooler Purity, Out of Stocks, Shelf Voids and Planogram analysis, relieving Business developers from frequent store visits. Further, this information can be aggregated easily at levels such as store, territory, store type, product, product category and so on.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth LE Beacon
  • Contactless Asset Tracking
  • 5+ Year Battery Life
  • Peel and Stick
  • Easy to Retrofit
  • Cooler Health: Captures cooler temperature and light
  • Cooler Usage (Door open/close events)
  • Indoor Cooler Movement Tracking
  • Non-Volatile Storage
  • Two cameras to capture cooler facings
  • Image analysis to identify purity, out of stock, shelf voids, sale by shelf, sale by SKU, and planogram compliance